Neuropathy. Now There Is a Treatment That Works!


Do you suffer from:

1. Numb Toes? Numb Feet?
2. Diabetes Complications?
3. Leg Cramps? Leg Pain? Burning Foot Pain?
4. Pain When You Walk?
5. Sharp Nerve Pain Like Electric Shocks?
6. Difficulty Sleeping Because of Leg & Foot Discomfort?
7. Pricking or Tingling Feelings In Your Toes, Feet, Ankles, or Legs?


If you do, which group fits you the best?

1. Your doctor has been unable to diagnose your problem.
2. He has tried different medicines that either didn’t work or had unpleasant side effects?
3. You’ve heard that nothing can be done about it.



Whether you fit best in Category 1, 2, or 3, if you have Neuropathy, it probably keeps getting worse. It will do that. And in some cases it will finally lead to AMPUTATION! That’s too bad, because today, we can treat Neuropathy.  Our Specialty is treating Neuropathy. But untreated, it usually gets worse. Sometimes it is called Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy, Idiopathic Neuropathy and/or several other names.  But it is all the same disease, and it affects the lives of approximately 21,000,000 Americans. Approximately 30% of Neuropathy is idiopathic, which means the cause is unknown.

As we’ve indicated, there are many kinds of Neuropathy and many conditions that are associated with it, or can cause it, or perhaps speed it up.  Every day we are learning more about Neuropathy — where it comes from and how to treat it.  For the latest information about Neuropathy, subscribe to our free email newsletter.  The signup form is in the sidebar on the right.

Until now, if your Neuropathy was diagnosed at all, the treatment has usually been limited to medication.  But medication only masks the problem and perhaps makes you a little more comfortable.  And many medications have unpleasant side effects.  None of them reverse or even slow down the progression of damage to your nerves.  In a word, they don’t work!

Something New

There is now good news, though. Today there IS a treatment that slows down and even reverses Neuropathy. It works! And it works without dangerous or addictive medications.

That new treatment is ours. It’s unique and proprietary. That means you won’t find it in other places. It stops the pain and numbness in the first few treatments and restores circulation to your legs and feet.

Then it helps your body heal your nerves and your neuropathy.

When you come in, our doctors will use state of the art diagnostics and give you a clear and accurate diagnosis. We won’t leave you guessing. Then, if you decide to proceed with treatment, you will feel the effects immediately. For most of our patients, that means they will walk out more comfortable than when they walked in.

Taking pain medication for Neuropathy is a little like covering up the “oil pressure” light on your car’s dashboard when it comes on. Obviously that would not be a good response. Putting some oil into your car would be a much better response. And that’s what 99.9% of us do. With our cars. Which we can replace when they break down.

Drugs don’t cure the problem.

Yet, when it comes to our bodies — which we cannot replace — we routinely treat Neuropathy by “covering up the oil pressure light”.

We take pain-killing drugs, mask the symptoms, and let the Neuropathy proceed to ravish our bodies.

When you look at things that way, can you see that just taking pain-killing drugs for Neuropathy is not a good solution?

We are proud of the treatment we have developed at our clinic. It is highly effective and avoids both surgery and the use of dangerous medications.

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